Winter Bag Trends 2021-2022

Berlin, Germany July 31 Mandy is seen wearing Versace shorts with Bork print, white Zimmermann top, Green Stores blazer, Dior sandals, blue micro bag Hermes, Linda Farrow sunglasses Christian on July 31, 2021 in Berlin, Germany photo by variegati images

Christian Verigo

There’s so much to love about winter, we can already see vacations, restful nights, and cool weather on the horizon. A complaint? With an oversized puffer coat or jacket covering us up, the statement blouses and printed pants we’ve chosen sometimes go unnoticed on a cold day. That’s why we know it’s really the season to invest in a special bag that highlights your true interior style. New to the season? We’re predicting pretty pastels, retro color blocking, mesmerizing lattice, and a few surprises along the way.

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tourist tote

Large Hotels and Resorts Tote Black

Many of our favorite designers stick their names in inconspicuous tote bags to make you feel like you’re on vacation. In the dead of winter, that’s exactly what you need! You’ll be able to fit every hat, glove, and extra layer in it.

dear friend

The Chain Pouch Shearling Bag

Introducing the bag that can also double as a neck pillow for your long flights. With its soft look and shape, the gold chain offers a strong contrast that makes it perfect for a business or formal affair. You won’t be able to put it down once you feel it in person.

buckle up

Yashia Mini Bag

You know how much we love a mini bag and it seems totally fresh on trend. It is interesting shape and the large sized buckle gives it its signature features which makes it a head turner. We encourage you to be bold and take a risk by choosing this striking shade of red.


curve small bag

Letting a little BDSM and bondage sneak into your wardrobe is a great source of excitement. This bag in particular was inspired by the harness silhouette and continues to inspire many fun outfits of the future.

no label

Carré Leather-Trim Canvas Shoulder Bag

We have freed ourselves from any attachment to the label, both in life and in fashion. This bag serves as an anonymous member of our right hand men’s committee. It’s exquisitely crafted look and the luxury material says it all.

winter pastel

tile blue mini enzo bag

To stand out beautifully among the snow, pastels are always a good idea. We envision wearing it with a white puffer coat so that its baby blue color scheme can stand out against your complete look. Brighten up your winter days with just one piece.

i’m a meshho

1969 Mini Mess Bag

Transparency is important so choose a bag that lets them see through you. This cleverly named bag becomes a jumble of your chic wallet, lipstick, and keys as you take it out the door for a girl’s night out. A perfect chaos of colors peeking through its latticework layer.

retro colorblock

Horsebit 1955 Color-Block Shoulder Bag

This bag takes us back to the toned down color scheme of the 1970s. The desire of the people of that time for peace and tranquility came true in the earthy and muted colors chosen by them. Add peace to your life with this bag whose palette is made up of unexpected combinations.

Amazona Bag in Classic Calf

A true classic that you will wear for years to come. Black isn’t boring it’s forever chic.

cult favorite

small orange shopping bag

Currently you can’t walk a detour without catching a glimpse of the Telfer logo. Formally dubbed the “Brooklyn Birkin”—it’s harder to get your hands on than the infamous bag that inspired the nickname. Choose a pop of color to stand out among the crowd.

asymmetric slouch

white small chain hobo bag

A touch of asymmetry can make a big impact. We love how this hobo bag tilts your head slightly to the right at first glance and naturally hangs over your shoulder in different forms throughout the day.

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